The Warwick Police Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Team consists of three police officers who are all members of the Rhode Island State Bomb Squad.

In the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks, the Bomb Disposal Community has seen an increase in the level of threats.  The City of Warwick with it’s large business community and the State Airport, has been effected by these events.  Bombs, bombings and bomb threats are a reality in our society.  The Warwick Police Department is charged with providing protection for the life and property of its citizens by insuring that it has the most qualified personnel to handle these deadly devices.  All Warwick Officers are aware of their responsibilities by General Order 360.04, which establishes a guideline when responding to situations involving explosive devices or bomb threats.  It is the responsibility of the Department Bomb Disposal Technicians to render safe any and all explosive devices.

The Warwick Police Department EOD Unit consists of the following individuals:

Inspector Chris Mathiesen, OIC, Senior Bomb Disposal Technician

Sgt. Alan Valliere, Bomb Disposal Technician

Officer Dale Drowne,  Bomb Disposal Technician

The EOD Unit trains eight hours a month with the Rhode Island State Bomb Squad.  Tools available to the Unit consist of a portable X-ray machine, search suit, disruptors, and various other tools necessary to render safe any and all explosive devices.  Furthermore, a robot and bomb-sniffing dogs are available through other agencies on a mutual aid basis.

The EOD Unit also provides explosive breaching capabilities for the SWAT Team.

Citizens of the City of Warwick are encouraged to contact the EOD Unit should they need information pertaining to the disposal of explosives including old ammunition, military ordnance, chemicals, or any other suspicious devices.  The telephone number is 468-4200, ext. 4331.