The 1st Platoon, Patrol Division consists of 23 officers and 6 Sergeants distributed amongst 3 Districts. A Captain serves as the Officer-in-Charge of the shift, assisted by 2 Lieutenants serving as the executive officers and direct supervisors of the platoon Sergeants.

Members of the 1st Platoon handled 37,100 calls for service during 2016 up from 27,195 calls for service in 2015. Of these 9,964 were officer initiated.  Notably, 1st platoon conducted 2,029 directed patrols and 1,665 Community Policing Activity calls. In 2016, 1st platoon handled 410 arrests.  1st platoon members completed a total of 2,140 offense reports, and 118 Field Interview Reports. Officers initiated and/or responded to these calls during the day shift hours of 7:00 am-4:00 pm, when the City experiences a significant transient population increase due to commerce, retail, and airport commuters. Over the past year, members of the 1st Platoon aggressively pursued persons wanted for outstanding warrants as well as focusing efforts on proactive measures to deter and apprehend violators committing vehicle larcenies and daytime house breaks. Members of the 1st Platoon significantly increased documented field interviews that aided in the investigation and successful closure of several cases.