The training function of the department is coordinated by each member of the division through constant identification of training needs, selection of appropriate schooling, and facilitating and coordinating inservice trainings. The main portion of scheduling and assignment is the responsibility of the training sergeant who handles the logistical aspects of training assignments. This sergeant also facilitates recruit background investigations, firearms checks, and the Warwick Housing Authority background checks. 

In addition to the collective effort of members of the division, there is a Training Committee which reports to the captain on matters of training needs assessment and identification of goals and objectives. This committee is comprised of supervisors and officers from varying assignments throughout the department. The implementation of in-service trainings, firearms qualifications, non-lethal weapons trainings, and all other statutory required trainings are handled by the division as well.

710 individual training records were created which included over 4,338 training hours in 2016 .  These additional trainings were specialized to particular officers in their area of expertise or job.